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Student Recognition

We at Armstrong School for the Arts, believe that it is important to recognize our students for their accomplishments throughout the school year.  We hold two Honor's Assemblies, one each semester, to celebrate the students' academic achievement. 




The PRIDE Award (Personal Responsibility In Daily Effort) is given to students who do not have more than two unexcused absences or tardies. Students who are eligible for the PRIDE Award, must turn in all class work, homework and must have not been referred to the office for behavioral concerns or served detention.



Academic Excellence Award

Kindergarten and first grade students earn a certificate for each of the nine weeks that they earn all O's and S's on their report cards.



Benchmark Achievement Award


Students earn a certificate for scoring 90 per cent or above on a quarterly benchmark assessment. Each of the subjects in which a 90 or higher is earned will be recorded on the certificate.


Honor Roll Award

Students who have made the Honor Roll are also celebrated at the Honors Assembly. To make Honor Roll, students can either have all "A"'s, all "B"'s or if they have one "C", it can be made into Honor Roll by also having one "A". Students in grades 2 through 5 are eligible for Honor Roll.


Perfect Attendance Award

Students that come to school everyday are also recognized at the Honors Assembly. It shows their commitment to come to school on a daily basis. Students in all grade levels are eligible to receive the perfect attendance award.