The Armstrong PTA is a strong advocate supporting educational goals and programs in our School. We work closely with the Faculty and Staff to find way and means to enhance the "Armstrong Experience". Students at Armstrong have a proven track record of academic excellence and this success can be directly linked to the myriad contributions Faculty, Staff- and Parents- bring to the School's environment. The PTA encourages active involvement and participation from Parents and we work closely with Mrs. Rogers in developing a year long series of linked Programs and initiatives that we believe will excite Students and make this a truly memorable year!

Some highlights of this year's agenda include: the annual Spring Carnival, a Parents Night Out Program, an Art Evening and Silent Auction (new), the annual Book Fair, a Green/ Earth Day program (new), the Reflections Program, our Yearbook, a publication of a comprehensive School Year Calendar (new- available for purchase), the Talent Show, the Good Citizen's Program, the Wellness Program (new), and several grants including Classroom Grants, the Faculty Fund, School Enhancements, Project Mini- Grants, Visual Arts, Music, Fifth Grade Fall & Winter Art Events, Field Trips and Cultural Arts Assemblies. Additionally, the PTA supports faculty working lunches/ dinners and contributes towards teacher appreciation gifts. Last year our students made tremendous strides in achieving very high Advance Reading (AR) levels- this was at their own initiative and deserving our continued support and encouragement!


PTA Membership

Our Programs and Initiatives have tremendous potential to engage and excite our students but to make them truly successful, we'll need direct involvement of our Parents. Having your child attend Armstrong demonstrates a family commitment to academic excellence and a direct personal involvement in your child's future. Membership, and participation, in the PTA allows one to broaden this commitment from your child to include a small group, a class, a grade or the entire student body.

The level of activity and participation one commits to is entirely up to the parent to set. Joining the PTA and being active means what you want it to mean-every contribution one can make is truly valuable and it does make a difference. Time, ideas, thoughts, perspective and support will be welcomed and we encourage you to join us!


PTA Web Page

We hope to utilize this web page, email and electronic documents as a primary means of communication with the PTA membership this year. Please, if you have not already done so, give the PTA your email address so we may quickly communicate with you. The web page and email will allow us to reduce both budget expenditures and paper waste- recall all of the PTA operations funds comes from membership activities and we'd like to use resources in direct support of our Students, Faculty, educational programs and activities.